The Importance of Counseling to Your Mental Health

A huge buzzword these days is “self-care.” The usual self-care routine may entail a bubble bath, face mask, and Netflix a couple nights a month, but what if it could be so much more than that? What if it needs to be more than that? That was certainly the case for me and that’s when I started learning about the importance of counseling to your mental health. 

Before I learned the benefits of counseling, I never thought I would be going to therapy. Wasn’t therapy for crazy people who didn’t have anyone else to talk to? I believed the unfortunately common stigma surrounding the concept of counseling and mental health. 

I only started attending sessions because my favorite blogger and a couple of dear friends told me about the importance of counseling to your mental health, and I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. Little did I know though just how big a role counseling was about to play in my life. In the coming months, my counselor would be my lifeline as I went through the toughest season of my life. 

After all the time spent in my sessions, I can honestly say that counseling utterly transformed me. It provided me with 3 life-changing benefits whose impact took me by surprise, and let me tell you friend, they were some of the best surprises I’ve ever gotten:

1. Counseling is a completely safe place. 

I have never been the type of person who opens up to others easily, but the thought that my counselor was impartial was comforting. She didn’t know anyone in my life, so I knew that anything I said in a session wasn’t going to have any external ramifications. I could release any thoughts or emotions that I was holding onto without worry, and it was always the most freeing feeling!

It’s different than talking to people who are in your everyday life because counselors are trained to listen unbiased. They offer professional guidance, free from any judgment, and they are there for you 100% without any personal agendas. Plus, everything is confidential!

Whatever was said in that room truly stayed in that room, and that knowledge enabled me to vent and subsequently, work through, anything and everything.

2. I confronted, and then conquered my battles! 

Truth time: I started counseling with low self-esteem and so much bottled up emotional baggage that made my personal issues feel like the biggest mountains in the world. 

In my sessions, my counselor and I started to slowly but surely contend with each challenge I faced. I learned how to combat the negative thinking that my mind was constantly plagued with. I practiced how to assert myself in the toughest of scenarios. I uncovered the lessons that God wanted me to learn from the struggles I had gone through.

It certainly wasn’t easy, but little by little, I made real progress. I was open and honest in my sessions, even when I didn’t want to admit the hard truth to myself. I also pushed myself to do my homework and apply the principles I learned in counseling to real life. Many tears were shed and there were countless times when I questioned the journey I was on, but in the end, I did it!

I climbed to the top of my mountain, stuck my flag at the summit, and gazed in wondrous awe at the beauty of the view before me.

3. I became a happier and healthier person! 

Counseling equipped me with the tools I needed to live life better. I walked in as a girl with flimsy self-confidence and a boatload of emotional weights, and I walked away a strong, self-respecting woman. 

My counseling sessions truly had a ripple effect in my life. 

Once I gained more self-esteem and self-love, everything else seemed to be enhanced as well, from my career to my friendships to my relationships. 

I cannot stress more the importance of counseling to your mental health. Your mind is like your heart. Everything you do flows from it. That’s why it’s SO important to make sure that it’s as strong as it can be!   

As a direct result of counseling, I am the happiest and healthiest I have ever been in my life! And that right there is what makes the journey all worth it.