On Writing

Writing is hard. I always feel like I have so much to say because I want to spark conversation and inspire people’s hearts, but sometimes, the actual words won’t come for me. I know the overall message that I want to convey and I am so passionate about my sense of purpose, but I can’t figure out how to best get my point across in a way that will both entertain and move people.

Here’s how it normally goes. I’ll sit down on my couch with soft music or Netflix playing in the background, or I’ll park myself inside a cute café with a latte by my side with every intent of cranking out at least one really good blog post, if not two….or three. I’ll start writing about my chosen topic, being careful to inject humor, wit, and creativity into the piece, keeping my audience in mind. I’ll write some, and self-edit along the way, critiquing each and every word that flows out of my mind. At some point, I’ll inevitably hit a wall; one that stops me in my tracks and makes me question if I’m a good enough writer to do this. This wall usually comes because I feel like I’m not concise enough or funny enough or relatable enough or not a good enough storyteller. I’ll start thinking of my friends who are incredible writers and my favorite bloggers who inspire me the way I want to inspire others. I’ll start to feel inferior. Then, I’ll get really frustrated, start scrolling through Facebook or texting my friends, and want to table it for a different day, all the while knowing in the back of my head that I’ll probably just scrap the idea altogether.

Do you see what happens? I start off so passionate and inspired by the message I want to deliver, and then I end up frustrated and defeated, and my original purpose never comes to fruition. Who else falls into this awful pattern of self-sabotage? One where the physical challenge in front of you overpowers your mindset and ultimately your spirit. I know I fall into this trap all the time!

Writing shouldn’t have to be this hard. It’s supposed to be an outlet and a source of energy, not a draining force. Writing and social media are one and the same to me. At their cores, they are supposed to be methods of connecting with other people. It’s as simple as that. There shouldn’t be so much pressure put on ourselves to craft the perfect blog post, essay, article, journal entry, or even text message! It should just be a matter of pouring your heart into your writing and allowing your light to shine through. The rest will follow.

So this post is my declaration to myself. I am giving myself the permission to not be the world’s best writer. I am giving myself the permission to not always have the perfect words delivered in the perfect way. I am giving myself the permission to simply write to my heart’s content, which means writing about the real stuff of life with emotion, passion, and abandonment. All I want to do with this blog, and really, my life in general, is to connect with people in the most raw, real, and meaningful of ways. I want to converse with a community about things that matter, discovering new perspectives and provoking thought. And I’m now starting to realize that the way to accomplish this is not to be perfect because that’s not real life. I just need to reveal my heart and pour all my love into this endeavor. And that’s exactly what I’ll do.  

Jessica Yutangco