The Beauty of Dating Yourself

Lately, I’ve been discovering the beauty and simplicity of spending time with myself. I’ve always been an introvert, so I fully know and understand the significance of taking some time every day to be by myself, but typically, this means watching Netflix, reading, writing, listening to music, or walking my dog. What I’ve been realizing recently is the joy of dating myself, meaning taking myself out, and not just on errands.

I was recently in Savannah, Georgia on an impromptu weekend solo trip (well, not completely solo. My dog came along too!). Usually, I fall into the stigma of eating alone at a restaurant. I feel awkward saying “Party of one” to the host and then I feel self-conscious eating alone, constantly wondering if other people are judging or pitying me for being by myself. But on this trip, I gave myself permission to just enjoy a restaurant experience alone for once. I ordered a delicious pomegranate rose sangria to start, indulged in an amazing cheese board with goat cheese and brie (seriously, best cheese board EVER), and was pleasantly surprised by my more adventurous (for me) selection of shrimp and grits (when in Savannah, am I right?).

Not only was this meal everything I could have hoped for and more, but I really just enjoyed my own company! After taking a few Snapchats of my meal (as one does), I put my phone away and took the time to soak in the atmosphere. I savored the perfectly blue sky, the cobblestoned street, the horse and carriages rolling by, and the adorable pups strolling past. Free to ponder, I was able to reflect on everything and anything I desired. I allowed my thoughts to just wander while I had my own personal quiet time, which is a practice I realized doesn’t happen very often anymore with the ever-present beeping and ringing of all our devices.

I also chatted with friendly passersby as well as the people at surrounding dining tables, and it was completely lovely! Typically, I shy away from having full-blown conversations with strangers, but this experience reminded me how wonderful it can be! I got to know about a little slice of these peoples’ lives, which is something I wouldn’t have gotten to see, had I been dining with my friends or family. I even bonded with my server over our precious puppies, and I walked away from the restaurant with my heart so full.

This was such a simple yet sweet and eye-opening experience for me! After that trip, I vowed to apply this principle of dating myself more to my everyday life in Florida, and it’s been bringing me so much joy. Taking time to date myself is helping me love and care for myself more. It’s making me appreciate my own company and giving me time to take inventory of my own thoughts and emotions. Think about it, we all carve out time to spend with our friends and family in order to maintain those relationships, so why not carve out special time to maintain your relationship with yourself too?