Finding a Purpose

Okay friends, it’s time to be real. It’s time to be open and honest and vulnerable. It’s time for a fresh start. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not perfect and I don’t consider myself to be the best at anything, especially writing, but it’s something that I have always been passionate about, so here I go. All this time, I've been finding a purpose for myself and my writing, and I think this is it. It’s time for me to take this plunge and be fearless. 

You may know that I’ve tried to blog before. There have been a couple of reincarnations of my blogging efforts, but none of them stuck. I desperately wanted to maintain my drive to write about things like travel, books, style, friendship, school, career etc, but the problem was that I was trying to be everything to everyone. By doing so, I wasn’t able to completely pour my heart into any one topic. My focus was split, and therefore, so was my purpose. If you had asked me what my blog’s mission was back then, I only would have been able to come up with a very fragmented answer about documenting my life and relating to others. I was wandering aimlessly through the blogosphere, hoping that the more I wrote, the quicker my purpose would find me.  

But not anymore.

Now I realize my mission. Now I understand why writing has been placed so dearly on my heart. Now I know why everything in my life always leads me back to the written word. I don’t want to write about the topics that I think a blog is supposed to be about. I want to write to create community; to share experiences; and to inspire one another. I may have been a little lost before, but ask me what my purpose is now and I will proudly declare:

 I aim to create community and inspire genuine heart connections between people through an open, honest, and raw discourse about life experiences.

I know that sometimes, our thoughts, emotions, and experiences are hard to talk about because they feel too personal or we think that no one else is going through the same thing. We’re scared of opening our hearts up to someone and then having them judge the most honest and real versions of ourselves, but by living in this fear, we’re closing ourselves off to forming the best kinds of connections. I’m talking about the deepest of bonds, where people find common ground on the hardest walks of life. Being vulnerable and sharing our stories with others is like saying to them, “This happened to me, I got through it and now I’m going to help you. You’re not alone.” And who doesn’t want that?

I truly believe that talking about the real stuff of life – friendships, relationships, emotions, family, insecurities, hopes, fears, dreams – has a unique and strong unifying power. That’s why I’m opening up the floodgates and pouring out my heart and mind in this blog. The real stuff of life may also be the hard stuff, but making a connection with even one other person makes it all worth it. So, all bets are off, all walls are down, and no topic is off limits. Let’s talk about the heart stuff.

Jessica YutangcoComment