The Modern Day Girl Code

I am a feminist. I am proud to be a strong, kindhearted, fierce, and passionate woman, and I am grateful to be surrounded by independent, gracious, intelligent, and caring women. I know that there is nothing more powerful than a united female front; when we use our collective wits and resources to help each other rise up and do good in this world. I believe in our sisterhood to not only be leaders, but also to shape young movers and shakers, so that we can all forge a better path into the future together.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in our community as women. We need to support each other, accept one another, and love above all else, and we need to do these things generously and unabashedly. I think it’s so easy to get caught up in the cycle of comparison and jealousy, and as a result, we tend to feel ugly emotions towards our fellow women. What’s worse is that sometimes, we indulge those emotions and lash out at our sisters to make ourselves feel better. Instead, what if we all vowed to be fiercely loyal to and protective of our community? What if we channeled our energies into hyping each other up rather than putting each other down? What if we promised to live by a real-life, modern day “girl code?”

Ladies, let’s strive to make each of our sisters the following vows. I think it might just make us all that much stronger.

1.     I promise not to judge another woman for her body type, hair, clothing, skin color, piercings, tattoos, or any other aspect of her physical appearance. We are all beautiful.

2.     I promise to not talk about other women behind their backs, unless I am complimenting or admiring them.

3.     I promise to help a sister out when I can, from giving her a shoulder to cry on to helping her achieve her dreams.

4.     I promise not to slut-shame other women (or the opposite). We are each entitled to do as we please with our own bodies and lives.

5.     I promise to always be there for my girlfriends no matter how busy life may get, whether in person or in spirit.

6.     I promise to be unfailingly honest with my sisters, while also being kind at the same time.

7.     I promise never to let a man come between our friendships. Boys come and go, but girlfriends are forever.

8.     I promise to show nothing but kindness and respect for other women, even if we have opposing viewpoints.

9.     I promise to never underestimate my own power or the power of my fellow women. We can do anything.

10.  I promise never to stop fighting for the rights of women everywhere. We demand equality because we deserve the world.

11.  I promise to unconditionally love all my sisters for who they are.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: There is nothing more powerful than a united female front. Let’s harness our power to navigate life together and affect positive change. There is already an overwhelming amount of external forces trying to knock us down as women, so why should we knock each other down too?

Jessica YutangcoComment