Thoughts From The Beach

The beach is my heart place. There’s something about the infinity of the sky and waves that instantly instills peace into my spirit. Water streams through our bodies, pours from the sky, and makes up the majority of this Earth. It is our lifeblood from which everything good stems. Thus, the beach is the most natural place in the world and a true blessing from God above. Nowhere else can you be as immersed in nature than at the beach. The sand molds to you, enveloping you in a warm hug, and the ocean caresses you, inviting you to be part of its story.

Everything you need to know about life can be found in the ocean. When waves swell higher than we anticipate, it is instinctual to turn from them and run back towards the shore. We feel the immensity and power of the impending wave, causing us to fear its inevitable crash, so we flee. Escaping the ominous clutches of the water triggers a surge of relief in us, as we once again lounge safely on the warm, dry sand, but eventually, we long to venture back out into the waters, hoping for a less frightening situation. Gently wading forward, we welcome the small and soft surf, but it is only a matter of time before another huge wave looms before us. Here, we have two options.

We can allow the wave to crash into our fear-stricken bodies, sputtering as the spray lashes into our eyes and mouths. Or we can ride the wave.

While we are able to survive the wave in the first option, we are not better off for it. We end up with salt water stinging our eyes and burning our noses. We may even stumble and fall because of the impact. Conversely, if we embrace the second option, we allow ourselves to be swept with nature, effectively handing over the reins of our lives to God. Imagine letting go of control, relaxing into the wave, and feeling the smooth whoosh all around you, as the water carries you with it. Rather than staying still and feeling the harsh crash, you serenely and gracefully move with the wave, as it delivers you back to calmer waters once more.

Let’s not fight nature, friends, for this is not the way that we grow. If we trust God and permit him to carry us where He will, then we become more flexible, content, and at peace than before. It’ll also do us well to remember that even the most enormous of waves still break and fizzle out. There is no conflict in life that God cannot see us through to the other side. No matter what it is, it really does get better. God will always deliver you to the place where you belong. The journey may be smooth and tranquil, or it may be rough and choppy, but in the end, God will guide you to the place where you need to be. You’ll always find your way home.

The beach is such a life-giving place for me. The majesty of the ocean gifts me the power of feeling empowered. I love standing in the middle of the water and feeling the tide rush back towards the ocean, as it too, goes home. In these moments, I imagine myself to be a Moana-like goddess, completely one with the ocean, because I am. God’s love, strength, and beauty courses through me in these times, and I am at peace. This is the miracle of the beach.  

Jessica YutangcoComment