Ready to See that God is Everywhere? Read This. 

Did you know that God is everywhere? He’s in the most vivid of sunsets and the mightiest of waves. He’s in the lush grass between your toes and the soft sand under your feet. He’s in your morning cup of coffee and your favorite slice of cake. He’s in more places than you would imagine! You just have to start looking. 

When I was a kid, I used to picture God as this stationary entity who sat up in Heaven, looking down at us. I would imagine Him lovingly gazing down on the Earth, gently and quietly making miracles happen from time to time. In my young, naïve mind, God was passive. He was there to judge our sins yet also answer our prayers, all while remaining way up in the sky watching life unfold beneath Him. 

In college, I started to actually get to know the real God. Just like at the start of any new relationship, I wanted to tell Him everything about me and I wanted to learn everything about Him. I began going to church more often and I would actually listen to the message, instead of zoning out and wondering how much time was left in the service, like I did when I was a kid. I pored over passages of the Bible, fascinated by the fact that these were words straight from God Himself. Perhaps most importantly, I started talking to God both through prayer and journaling.  

As I welcomed God into my life more and more, He showed Himself to me more in return. I started to see Him in my favorite flowers on my drive to work and I would feel His love fill my heart every time I looked at my dog or spent time with my friends and family. 

I realized that God doesn’t just exist within a church, the Bible, or even Heaven. 

He’s in the breath that fills our lungs, in the steady rhythm of our heartbeats, and in the stars that sparkle each night. He’s in your best friend’s gorgeous smile and the light behind your beautiful eyes. He’s the reason behind the spark of a new relationship, the comfort of a tried and true friendship, and the life-giving self-confidence that blossoms within you. 

God is everywhere. 

I’m a firm believer in the fact that what we choose to focus on is what we bring into existence. If you invite God in a little more, you just may start to see His fingerprints all over your world!