How to Stop Worrying & Trust the Timing of Your Life

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had my life all figured out: 

  1. Graduate high school at 18,

  2. Go to college,

  3. Meet the love of my life,

  4. Get married after graduation at 22,

  5. Have kids at 24.

I mapped everything out the way I thought life was supposed to go, but when God steered me in a different direction, I learned that sometimes, you have to stop worrying and trust the timing of your life!  

Towards the end of my college career, I started to wonder why God hadn’t introduced me to my future husband yet. Time was ticking on my hypothetical timeline! I worried that I was getting older and I felt no closer to my person than I did at the beginning of college. 

I signed up for online dating apps, trying to take the reins on my life, but to no avail, as I went from one mediocre experience to another. The harder I tried to find my person, the further away he seemed to be. I ended up spending so much time trying to forge a romantic connection with someone else that I ended up losing myself in the shuffle. 

I got so burnt out from dating that I needed to take a step back and reevaluate who I was and what I wanted. So I took these 3 crucial steps: 

1. Dug deeper into my faith

I started studying the Bible, going to church every Sunday, reading a daily devotional (The Lipstick Gospel Devotional is my favorite one ever! Check it out HERE.), journaling with God, and praying better and bigger. Everyone’s relationship with God is going to look different, but doing these things brought me closer to the Lord so that I started to trust Him more. 

2. Dated myself 

I would 100% recommend dating yourself, whether that means taking yourself to brunch at your favorite restaurant, going on a solo weekend trip, or seeing a movie on your own! I got to know myself more this way, which grew my confidence and self-awareness. As a result, I started to think, No matter which way my life turns, I know I can handle it. 

If you need a little extra encouragement or ideas on how to date yourself, check out my other blog post HERE all about this!   

3. Strengthened my friendships and relationships 

When I thought about the qualities I wanted my future husband to have, I realized that I needed to better develop those traits in myself first. So I poured my heart into my friendships and family relationships, so that when the time came, I would have an even fuller and more beautiful life to welcome the right guy into!

Dedicating my life to myself, God, and my people was the best thing I could have done to stop worrying and trust the timing of my life. These steps set me up to love my life more and trust God in all things. And you know what? He delivered.  

While I’ll always be a planner, I now know that I can let go and let God when it comes to my future. Life is not supposed to go in any one way. It’s supposed to be spontaneous, messy, and a complete surprise! 

So let’s stop worrying and rest in the fact that God is always planning the best things for us at exactly the right time.