How to Date Yourself

What’s your usual date night prep like? Between choosing an outfit, taming my hair, and putting make-up on, my routine can take up to an hour! I love getting dressed up and going on a nice date out, but honestly, sometimes I prefer throwing on a pair of my comfiest sweatpants and spending a night in! My prep for a night like this takes no time at all and it feels so good! Plus, I’ve learned it’s SO important to have time like this to date yourself.

I was recently in Savannah, Georgia on an impromptu weekend solo trip and usually, I fall into the stigma of eating alone at a restaurant. I hate how awkward I am saying “Party of one” to the host, and then I feel self-conscious eating alone, constantly wondering if other people are judging me for being by myself. 

But on this trip, I gave myself permission to just enjoy myself. 

I ordered a delicious pomegranate rose sangria, an amazing cheese board, and a yummy plate of shrimp and grits. I put my phone away and savored every bite, allowing my thoughts to wander while I had quiet time with myself and God. 

It was the first time in a long time that I was able to reflect on my life and get to know myself more, just as I would get to know someone else on a date. When I decided to let my self-consciousness go and not care what other people think about me, I genuinely enjoyed myself! 

I stopped thinking of it as eating alone and started appreciating it as one-on-one quality time with God.

I walked away from the restaurant with my heart so full. It was an hour well-spent and after this experience, I vowed to make time to date myself on a regular basis as a form of self-care. Once I got used to doing things alone by choice, I became less intimidated by it and my confidence grew. 

Whether you’re staying in with a good book or exploring your local area, learning how to date yourself is both an important practice in self-reflection and just plain fun! If you’re stuck on what to do solo, check out a few of my favorite ideas: 

  1. See a film in theaters with your favorite movie snack 

  2. Go for a walk in the park, listening to music or walking your dog 

  3. Watch the sunset at the beach 

  4. Go to breakfast at your favorite café with a book or your journal

  5. Try a yoga or Zumba class 

  6. Volunteer 

  7. Take a road trip to explore a new city near you

  8. Bike ride to your local farmer’s market 

  9. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi 

  10. Sign up for a cooking or baking class 

We all carve out time to spend with our friends and family in order to maintain those relationships, so why not dedicate time to yourself too?